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Howdy! I’m Eben Atwater, (The Urb of UrbanMonique – Monique is my wife Monica – it’s a nickname thing…) This site is dedicated to great home cooking – You’ll find an eclectic mix of recipes designed to be clear and concise – stuff you not only want to cook, but will be able to easily translate to your own kitchen.

I’ve spent 15 years cooking for a living – what I share here are recipes and techniques that really work. There are hundreds of posts filled with great dishes, all seasoned with a little history, science, and lore. What you won’t find is advertising, or recipes that don’t do what they claim they will. Enjoy, dive in, and as I say here so often, make it yours.

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Here are my latest posts

  • Mim Delia’s Old Style Italian Bean Salad

    If you fly fish in Washington state, especially around the Olympic Peninsula, chances are good you’ve heard of Jeffrey Delia. He’s a master Sea Run Cutthroat fisher and fly tier – Check out Peninsula Outfitters and you might luck into an SRC or tying class taught by Jeff, or find some of the many flies…

  • Velveting Proteins – What To Do, (And what not to do!)

    This morning a friend chimed in on social media and asked me about a post she’d seen, adding ‘Eben, I know there is some kind of science behind this – re baking soda breaking down the meat fibers, but?’ the post she referenced referred to using baking soda, and only baking soda, to act as…

  • Deb Paskall’s Chicken & Vegetable Soup

    Deb Paskall is another friend I’ve met on social media, through mutual love for flyfishing and cooking. I’m definitely an amateur of the former, while Deb is very much an accomplished professional – She’s a Pro Staff member for Sport Fishing on the Fly, and for Semperfli as well.  I recently commented that Deb ‘paints…