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Howdy! I’m Eben Atwater, (The Urb of UrbanMonique – Monique is my wife Monica – it’s a nickname thing…) This site is dedicated to great home cooking – You’ll find an eclectic mix of recipes designed to be clear and concise – stuff you not only want to cook, but will be able to easily translate to your own kitchen.

I’ve spent 15 years cooking for a living – what I share here are recipes and techniques that really work. There are hundreds of posts filled with great dishes, all seasoned with a little history, science, and lore. What you won’t find is advertising, or recipes that don’t do what they claim they will. Enjoy, dive in, and as I say here so often, make it yours.

Over there to the left, (or down below on a mobile device), you’ll find basic navigation, search, subscribe, recent post, and contact boxes. It’s a simple site for a reason, and I think you’ll find it easy to poke around – if you don’t, let me know.

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