Kitchen Essentials

Knives by Andy Gladish at Element Fe Forge

Ever checked out a cooking site and run into somebody telling you that you simply must know the diff between a brunoise cut and a dice to be good home cook? Or how about all the stuff you supposedly can’t live without in your kitchen? Not gonna find that here, folks.

Look at images from what we do here, and yes, you’ll see that we have a lot of toys and a lot in the pantries – why is that if I’m preaching relative simplicity? Simple answer – if I’m going to research recipes, kitchen toys, and the like, I gotta have the resources to do that effectively – it does not mean you gotta have that level of stuff in your kitchen to cook well and happily. Sure, you can and might just load up over time, but here we’ll discuss what ya really need.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Essentials”

  1. Hello Eben,
    this is the GREEK. Love your recipes especially the Salmon. Can you give me a couple of recipes for Football Season Tailgating Grubb(Chili/Ribs/etc) for baby boomers for my next issue of Todays BoomeR Digital magazine?
    I will cite you and your business…you can check out some issue on how we do recipes for boomers and subscribe free at my website . Thanks,The Greek

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