Party at our place, for HOW MANY?!

If y’all are anything like me, you like a party now and then, but once push comes to shove, you’re probably more jazzed about a party at somebody else’s house, right?

Imagine then, my trepidation when M announced that we were going to host a surprise birthday party for her pal Deb and that roughly 30 folks would attend… Oh, and of course, we’d be cooking! So we got to work and made plans and a menu.

Needless to say, ya don’t celebrate the Big Six Oh without proper fanfare. I did the shopping while M put the final touches on the yard…

We went with pulled pork sandwiches, roasted chicken with a southwest flair, an incredible wild rice salad, coleslaw, killer shrimp hors d’oeuvers, (AKA horse doovers), and called it good.

The pork got a rub of black pepper, brown sugar, cumin, sea salt, garlic, onion and powdered hickory smoke powder, (From Butcher and Packer, just smoke essence mixed with dextrose – Amazing stuff!) It went low and slow, (275 F), for most of the day and came out, well, real good let’s just say!

The chickens were done up with a green chile and herb rub, (Dried Hatch chile powder, dried orange and lemon peel, Mexican oregano, sea salt and pepper), and stuffed with oranges, onion, cilantro, and olive oil.

M did the wild rice salad – Minnesota wild rice, dried cranberries, apples, red onion, toasted pine nuts, red bell pepper, and a white balsamic vinaigrette – It was incredible!

Coleslaw was green cabbage with shaved carrot, garlic chive and cilantro from the garden, and our semi-homemade dressing, (Mayo, sugar, apple cider vinegar, creamed horseradish, celery seed, salt and Pepper.)

Then there were M’s bacon and pineapple wrapped shrimp with a citrus chile glaze…

M outdid her self in the house and yard, I must say…

We had plenty of libations, both leaded and un…

And check it out; the cake mirrored the invites!

The guest of honor was completely surprised and everyone had a great time, us included!

Author: urbanmonique

I cook, write, throw flies, and play music in the Great Pacific Northwet.

5 thoughts on “Party at our place, for HOW MANY?!”

    1. You bet! We use dry white wine as the base, with butter, squeeze of lemon and lime, Sriracha, salt and pepper.

      Habanero, seeded, deveined and roasted, also makes a great sweet heat in place of Sriracha, and we’ve used dried Tabasco as well.

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