¡Ábre tus ojos!

I have a friend at the cafe I tease with food pics. Shaking his head one day, he asked, “Do you guys cook like this every day?”

The answer;
yep, purty much

Once you get used to production and pick out a plan, doing things like we do doesn’t take all that long.

I like picking ingredients and meals for all the senses; for sight and feel as much as taste and smell, frankly. For instance, I actually like Huitlacoche, but its’ so dang fugly, I just don’t use it. Ever tried black salt? Looks great, but it smells like egg, beer and onion farts until you cook it; that’s a big no thanks for me.

So this morning, I’m knocking around and decide to make some flour tortillas, (You can find that whole process in the archives right here, BTW, for both flour and corn tortillas).

I made big ones, so then of course the question is what to put in them. Chimichangas passed through my mind, so I went with a brunch version of that. Sweet onion for flavor and aroma, cilantro and fresh tomato because you must, jalapeno for crunch and bite, black olives ’cause they’re pretty, smoked ham and extra sharp cheddar for texture and chew. I mean come on, that’s a dang pretty prep board, yeah?

Plain ol’ scrambled eggs with a dash of salt and pepper…

Everybody else onboard, rolled up and fried quick in a hot pan with a little olive oil. A big helping of homemade salsa, and tell me, what else could you possibly need? (OK, well, it was too early for beer…)

Author: urbanmonique

I cook, write, throw flies, and play music in the Great Pacific Northwet.

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